Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gluten Free Breads

The first time I found gluten free bread was 7 years after I went on the Gluten free diet. It was like Christmas morning when we found this stuff! Gluten free bread has and probably always will be so expensive! But until I find a recipe that I like and figure out the secrets and tricks to make gluten free bread I will always be willing to buy bread from the stores.

The first gluten free bread I was to ever try was the Food of Life Gluten Free Rice Almond Bread. It has a very bland taste to it. It is very dry and crumbly. To make it worth eating and hold itself together it needs to be toasted and smothered in jam.. or my favorite honey butter with sugar and cinnamon. Also this bread has to be kept in the freezer to keep it fresh. If you go through it quickly I think keeping it in the fridge would work well also.

I also tried the Food of Life Brown Rice Bread which I liked better. It has a little sweeter taste to it.

My mother's favorite Bread is Udi's. She ALWAYS has this at her house. I think its what is available to her at her local grocery store. The crust is a bit hard for me to chew but I am have never liked the crust from any type of breads. My mom likes Udi's bread because it has the flavor and texture of homemade bread, it doesn't crumble and fall apart, and it doesn't have a weird after taste.

Udi's also has a couple different types of bread  they are Whole Grain Bread and White sandwich bread. They have lots of other products that I enjoy as well. But I will talk about them in a later post!

Some of my favorite breads now days, which have come a long way. One is Charlotte's Bakery Rice Bread. This bread is still a little crumbly but it is moist and has a great flavor! I eat it by the splice and PLAIN! It needs to be kept in the fridge. Although it is only sold in Idaho and Utah. I found this at Good Earth in Utah. And Wealth of Health in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

My new favorite bread is Genius Gluten Free Slided White Bread. The texture is awesome! It's moist. It falls apart some, but it is the best bread that I have found that stays together. We make French Toast with this bread often. It soaks up the eggs and milk very nicely. This bread can be found in the freezer section in Sprouts/Sunflower Market.
Genius bread also comes in types, some they have to offer besides the sliced white bread are multigrain sandwich bread and fresh seeded loaf.