Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gluten free apps

I recently discovered the app called 'Yelp.' Which is owned by google. On this app you put in gluten free.. Whatever your looking for... Bakery... Pizza... Restaurants... Etc. In the location box you can out in current location to find what is closest to you or any other city to find gluten free places in that town. I have found this very helpful being in new places.

It gives you the name, address, the distance (milage), and the rating of the place. On the right side it tells you how expensive it. The more $ the more expensive it is. But always know when buying gluten free it's going to be a bit more pricey. Also under the address it tells you what kind of things they serve, and it mentions if it is gluten free. That is my favorite feature of the app. Although note that some places serve gluten free items even though it may not be listed under the address.

With how much we move throughout out the year. I love using the app to help find gluten free places to try in new areas. Finding gluten free bakeries in the areas that we move to is one of my hobbies. It's so fun and interesting to hear about the stories how each bakery came about.
Some other gluten free apps that I have downloaded on my phone are...
Find Me GF
GF Card
GF Fast Food
Gluten Free Recipes (Love this one)
Celiac Trivia (always learn something new)
My Kitchen (has suggestions for gluten free meals)
CeliappGuide (tells you about safe and unsafe foods/ingredients)
G-Free (helps with eating out)
Gluten Free News
Snacks Gluten Free
Gluten Safety (very educational)
BM Lite (helps to keep track of your bowel movements if you happen to need help with that)
DineGF (seems to find legit local restaurants with gluten free menus as well as chain restaurants)
All of the apps listed about a FREE! So why not try them out?

A few more apps that I have found but they cost to download them are...
Gluten Free Restaurant Items
Gluten Free Grocery Guide
Gluten Free Travel Guide
101 Gluten-Free Recipes
Is That Gluten Free?
Gluten Free Registry
Gluten Free Ingredients
These are just to name a few. They are always coming up with new gluten free apps so keep an eye out for that.

Check out this website...

I find it very very helpful for eating out to know what items ARE gluten free. I added it as an app on my phone and I use it often.
If you open the website on safari on your iPhone or iPad then click the arrow at the bottom of the page then click the 'add to home screen' option and that is how you create website into an app.